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I'm looking for male slash mostly; I'm not really looking for a pairing but I would love ones that involved: Edmond/count, Franz, Mondego, Albert and Renaud! Location is in the UK ! Thank you ~
Wow... its been YEARS since the last time I used Livejournal. Hah. Anyway, 1-2 people have requested me to reupload this music rip I did from the old Gankutsuou DVDs specifically of music themes that were never released officially, such as the beautiful piano theme from episode 22 (OH YOU KNOW WHICH ONE! Q_Q)

So, here it is! enjoy, bide your time, and hold on to hope!

And feel free to re-upload and re-share, I dont mind, but maybe some credit would be appreciated :D
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The doujinshi are visible here: http://hideincarnate.livejournal.com/592659.html#cutid1

Pairings include: FranzXAlbert, CountXAlbert, and some generic parody
20 March 2012 @ 05:31 pm
Just in case you guys are interested.


I wrote a multi-chapter fic years ago because I can’t accept that it ended that way, for Franz at least.

I lost the fics. But now I can start it again and make it better.

I hope.

Occasional sketches will be posted of course.^^

It's Franz X Albert btw.
26 December 2011 @ 07:52 pm
Title: Muscat Doux
Genre: Serious, no particular pairing. (I obviously can't read it lol)
Length: 68 pages
Price: $5 + $5 shipping/packaging = $10. I'm flexible though, really I'm just trying to give it to someone who will enjoy it :)
Where: US-only, sorry. I'll be using media mail.
Payment: I'll take Paypal and mailed cash/check

Sample pictures under the cut!Collapse )

18 April 2011 @ 02:40 pm
10 Gankutsuou
27 → Gundam 00
21 → Gundam SEED Destiny
09 → Gundam Wing
38 → Katekyo Hitman Reborn
09 → Kuroshitsuji
30 → Pokemon


~ Inks and trains and trains of ink ~

Please credit soulless_ribbon  @ inktrain 
17 February 2011 @ 04:41 pm
Hello~ I am looking for any doujin with the pairing Count(Edmond Dantes)XAlbert. I would love to see any doujin by King Buster, but I`m open to anything.