colle_sky (colle_sky) wrote in gankutsuou,

Gankutsuou Doujin

Hello~ I am looking for any doujin with the pairing Count(Edmond Dantes)XAlbert. I would love to see any doujin by King Buster, but I`m open to anything.
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February 18 2011, 16:18:27 UTC 9 years ago Edited:  February 18 2011, 16:18:50 UTC

These are the DJs that are in English with Count X Albert pairing that I have:

Baise (K2 company: Kodaka Kazuma) OMFG, gorgeous.
Famme Fatale (another K2 title, but this one has a threesome with Franz... My gods, I have a huge poster of you'll-know-what-colour-page.)
Adieu by King Buster (*ded for both story and art beauty*)
Stories by another one of my fav mangaka, Saika Kunieda.
Hello~ I`m interested in the Baise, Adieu and Stories doujin, but what do you mean that they are in english? Also, do you have any scans and/or story summaries? Also , what prices were you thinking of? Thank you!


February 18 2011, 17:22:52 UTC 9 years ago Edited:  February 18 2011, 17:23:41 UTC

PFFT! Sorry! I thought you were looking for knowledge of titles to check out in general, not to actually purchase. My bad! X_X
Ah, okay. No probelm. sorry I didin`t make it clear enough.
Do you still have these doujinshi's by any chance? :D

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