pumkindash (pumkindash) wrote in gankutsuou,

Anybody have any reasonable priced doujinshi's?

I'm looking for male slash mostly; I'm not really looking for a pairing but I would love ones that involved: Edmond/count, Franz, Mondego, Albert and Renaud! Location is in the UK ! Thank you ~
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I'll sell you all these for 75USD, including shipping - http://prnt.sc/8x4l9f - Let me know.
I am interested - but awfully expensive - may I ask why? other than the fact there probably out of print, of course ^^;
Are you perhaps new to doujinshi? For four books, that is a fair deal. I'm in the US so it'll be around 17 dollars to ship to you. The smaller book is a yaoi anthology that's almost 200 pages of beautiful art. The other three have great art as well, though one is mostly prose. And yes, all four are out of print and tricky to find in an older fandom that's become somewhat niche. I think ~60$ is fair.

I understand if it's too much for you though, just thought I'd throw them out there since I'm not as much into the series as I used to be. Good luck in your hunt!
Yes - I'm faily new to doujinshi collecting ! altough I should let you know I already have the Albert and count doujinshi at the top ! but i'm interested into the othe three - I'm able to pay for them next week ! What is your paypal, may I ask? my address will be on their when money is sent - and how much for aha - :3

And I know how you feel ! I recently found the anime and fell in love with it as well as the musical i've known for awhile - but an anime? I was very shocked and pleased and giddy - the anime is my number one favorite ! haha.
Haha, I'm so sorry! Someone emailed me before you replied and offered me even more money, so I sold the books to them. Better luck next time, my dear!
Oh no ! but thank you anyways ;v;
If you see anyone else selling any Gankutsuou merch please do tell ! ^-^