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Le Comte de Monte Cristo

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Le Comte de Monte Cristo
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Because many members of the community are tired of having their friends pages slayed, all images wider than 300 pixels must be put behind an LJ-cut. Failure to comply will result in a warning, followed by suspension for one month.

Seriously, guys. It's not that fucking difficult.

As of 14/12/2008, advertisements for role-playing communities are no longer allowed. These posts will be deleted by the moderator.


This is the Gankutsuou community. But what is Gankutsuou?

Gankutsuou is an anime that's not that old but already bastardized more than it should be and it is about this blue thing and ugly horses and blatant shipping and run-on sentences.

This is a place for posting anything and everything related to Gankutsuou. We don't care if you shat out a turd that looked something like Lucien Debray--you're free to post it here.

However, we do have rules.


01) Freedom of speech is protected here, but there are limits. If we get tired of your nonsense, we will talk to you about it.

02) Starting now, introduction posts are prohibited unless you're bringing something to the community. Do not post simply to say, "HAY GUYS I'M HERE ;)" No one cares. This community is here to celebrate Gankutsuou, not to read 775 posts that all say, "I WATCH GANKUTSUOU." If you really need to introduce yourself, then wait until you have something to post such as fanart, fanfiction, graphics, etc. Nurrrrrrrrr.

03) Images wider than 300 pixels must be stored behind an LJ-cut. Since some of our members seem to be mentally retarded, I will present the standard LJ-cut formula:

<*lj-cut*=*"LOOK AT MY STUFF"*> image here <*/*lj-cut>

Go through and delete all the asterisks and you're set. By the way, an asterisk looks like this: *

04) Other items required to be behind LJ-cuts are:
      ♠ SPOILERS
      ♠ ICONS should the amount exceed 3

Questions and comments.

If you have questions or comments concerning the community, any certain members/problems/problem members, or what/what not to post, feel free to contact any of the mods.

maintainers: fencer_x, palais, catiechu

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